About CCURE®

CCURE® is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and production of a wide range of basic, sterile injection products dispensed in a “ready-to-use” plastic syringe developed by CCURE® and approved for long term storage of pharmaceutical products.

By introduction of CCURE® products the time and need for the traditional handling of ampoules, vials and disposable syringes by nurses in the hospital ward will diminish.  Filling of the syringes takes place under controlled and documented conditions in compliance with current legislation for quality assurance in pharmaceutical production, thus improving patient safety and traceability of the used products.

Hospital economy will be improved, as unused syringes can be stored for later use, and saved time for preparations in the ward can be utilized to improve patient care.

The CCURE® project is an interesting example of cooperation between a public institution and a private corporation.