The idea to produce pre-filled syringes of plastic containing basic medicinal products has its origin at Aalborg Hospital Pharmacy back in the 1990es.

The overriding aim of the project was to simplify and increase the safety around filling of syringes in the hospital wards by producing pre-filled syringes in the hospital pharmacy. A central filling would take place under controlled and documented conditions in compliance with current legislation for quality assurance in pharmaceutical production and deliver ready-to-use medicinal products to the ward.

The results would be a release of nursing capacity in the ward combined with an increase in patient safety and improved traceability of the given injections. Legislation had in the last years been focused on these points as key issues.

The County Council showed a positive interest in the project and space for the production of pre-filled syringes was incorporated in the construction plan for a new hospital pharmacy. It was further decided to invite a private investor as a partner to the project and in 2004 CCURE A/S signed an agreement with North Denmark Region and production of the necessary technical equipment was started. In 2007 the filling line was installed in the hospital pharmacy and the development of finished products started.  

CCURE A/S was founded in 2004 by 4 private investors and in 2007 a Danish investment fund - Partner Capital - joined as co- investor.

In 2011 CCURE A/S was acquired by Chr. Olesen & Co A/S and NordMedica International A/S. Both companies have been active in the pharmaceutical industry for years and the NordMedica founders have been involved in the development of CCURE since 2004.