Sodium chloride 9mg/ml, solution for injection

Sodium chloride solution is widely used as a solvent and diluent for most drugs for injection.

Sodium chloride solution in a pre-filled syringe will save time in the ward for preparation of injections compared to the standard procedures used today.

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Intravenous cannulas

When applying an intravenous cannula it has to be flushed before use with sterile saline. This procdure has to be repeated after each injection of a medicinal product. As the saline enters the bloodstream it has to be in the form of an approved pharmaceutical product.

Sodium chloride solution in a pre-filled syringe will not only save time, but will also add benefits to the procedure of flushing intravenous cannulas, such as a reduced risk of microbiological contamination.

Sodium chloride solution will be available in 10ml and 20ml CCURE® syringe.