The CCURE® Syringe

At the time when the project was initiated, the lack of a high-quality plastic syringe at an affordable price suitable for long-term storage of medicinal products led to the development of the CCURE® syringe technology.

The challenge was to obtain a syringe that could be autoclaved with excellent functionality without the risk of releasing solubles or leachables to the injection solution.

The CCURE® syringe is thus produced from materials which comply with the demands in Ph.Eur. concerning "Materials for containers for parenteral use".

None of the materials will release any substances or absorb active ingredient from the injection solution neither the physical qualities of the syringe parts are influenced.

The CCURE® syringe is transparent making it possible to inspect the content before use. It is tested and complies with the demands in Ph.Eur. 3.2.8 ”Sterile single-use syringes”- test for transparency.

The CCURE® syringes are tested for suitability and complies with all European demands for containers for injection solutions and can be terminal sterilised by autoclaving. After use the syringe can be incinerated leading to carbon dioxide and water without impact on the environment.